[FICLET] Mr. Don’t Cuss!

Title: Mr. Don’t Cuss!

Casts: Taemin, You

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Length: Ficlet

Disclaimer: I don’t own SHINee Taemin, but I do own the plot.

Note: Fill in the blank with your name. And sorry If my English is not too good, because I’m not really good at English. I made this drabble cause I want to improve my skill. One question, who’s the next member? Vote!

And sorry, I posted Taemin’s story first, not Minho’s. That’s because the idea came for Taemin and I couldn’t help but made this story. And I couldn’t wait for so long so I publish it now. *what a bad English* Hope you understand, enjoy the story, and comment, please! ^^ I swear next is Minho!

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