[Drabble] Alone


A/N: Diary dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi endingnya bahasa Indonesia. Ada pertanyaan di endingnya, bagi yang mau buang waktu luang, silahkan jawab di komen. Arigatou~


February, 14th 2009

Is it just me or…everyone is damn busy that they don’t recognize my existence?

I am exist. 

I am here.

But, nobody notices.

That’s fine.

I’m used to it.

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[Iseng] EXO Salah Gaul

My random thought of EXO…don’t bash me, haram hukumnya. #eh

JUST FOR FUN AND LAUGH AND LOVE, okeeey? Gak usah dimasukin ke hati, gak usah pundungan. HAHAHA #kemplang

1. Lu Han: Yeol, kok suara kamu bisa berat gitu sih? gmn caranya? | Chanyeol: banyak makan beton dan ngedate ama pretty asmara| LH:…

2. Lay: Eh eh gue punya fb loh! | Chen: Apa namanya? aku add | Lay: LAY kan chlallu aLAY. add yaach..| Chen: *cakar laptop* Continue reading

The Lonely Witch

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Emmeline. She lived alone in the middle of a forest, because her parents died 2 years ago, killed by the demon. She was so lonely. She worked as a firewood seller to support her life. Only for her life.

One day, a demon with human appearance came to her house. He was so handsome until Emmeline fell in love with him at a first sight. The demon asked for water. Without any hesitation, Emmeline welcomed the demon and gave him a glass of water. The demon looked very tired. Emmeline felt sympathy for him. So, she invited him to rest for a while. The demon looked so happy and thanked her.

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Love Letter to Heaven

Dear Angel,

I have been in love with you for a very long time. But, I never confessed. I was too shy to do that. But now, I have pluck up my courage so I can confess to you with this letter.

I want to say that… when I see you, I feel like see the heaven. Very beautiful. It feels as if the landscape behind you becomes opaque, as the camera technology today. Everything became black and white, you’re the only one with color. Only you will shine.

From East to West, South to North, I love you.

From the first meeting until the last meeting, I will love you forever.

Please accept my feeling, Angel.

See you there,

Your Admirer

I held the letter and strengthen my heart. I jumped over the iron sleeves and the gravity pulled me down. I hit the ground and everything went black. See you, Angel.

[Drabble] We Met Again

Ini dia hadiah drabble buat pemenang tebak-tebakan di ficlet “Naneun Mitcyeosseo” kemarin-kemarin. Saeng, mian ya kalo drabble-nya jelek dan ga memuaskan. *deep bow*


– – –

Casts: Choi Minho, Lee Hyora

Genre: Romance

Type: Drabble

Disclaimer: I don’t own Choi Minho, he belongs to God

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