Love Letter to Heaven

Dear Angel,

I have been in love with you for a very long time. But, I never confessed. I was too shy to do that. But now, I have pluck up my courage so I can confess to you with this letter.

I want to say that… when I see you, I feel like see the heaven. Very beautiful. It feels as if the landscape behind you becomes opaque, as the camera technology today. Everything became black and white, you’re the only one with color. Only you will shine.

From East to West, South to North, I love you.

From the first meeting until the last meeting, I will love you forever.

Please accept my feeling, Angel.

See you there,

Your Admirer

I held the letter and strengthen my heart. I jumped over the iron sleeves and the gravity pulled me down. I hit the ground and everything went black. See you, Angel.

6 thoughts on “Love Letter to Heaven

  1. Rabbitpuding says:

    sebagai salah satu angel *eh?

    aku tersentuh akan tindakan orang tersebut, sungghuh tepat dan akurat *ngaco *whatteziig

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