[FICLET] My Annoying Teacher

Title: My Annoying Teacher

Casts: Minho, You, Hyeji

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Length: Ficlet

Disclaimer: I don’t own SHINee Minho, but I do own the plot.

Note: Fill in the blank with your name. And sorry If my English is not too good, because I’m not really good at English. I made this story cause I want to improve my skill.

= = =

“Shireo….jinjayo, Hyeji ah…I won’t come to this gym.”

“You have to! Look at your body…not ideal at all.”

“What?! With 162 cm tall, my weight is 48! That’s ideal!”

“No, you look chubby.”

“What?! Are you blind?! Look, I’m skinny!”

“Whatever. Just go to the gym. Arasseo?”

“Shireo…” Hyeji pulled your hand, forced you to enter the building. And finally, you got in. The gym was so big. Hyeji smiled at you.

“Not that bad, right? Look over there…he’s my teacher.”

“Who?” You looked around to see Hyeji’s teacher.

“There.” Hyeji pointed at one place. You sharpened your eyes and took a good look at that place.

“Whoa…handsome..” you commented.

“He’s mine. Jung Yunho is mine.” Hyeji touched your shoulder and approached her “teacher”. You sighed.

“Dammit, Hyeji! If I knew that you come here just for seeing your boyfriend, I won’t come here even you treat me one truck of ice cream. I swear!” You yelled at her. Hyeji giggled and hold his boyfriend’s wrist. You rolled your eyes and looked around. You approached one machine and you didn’t know how to use it. You acted like you-know-it-all and used the machine. You didn’t know that someone looking at you with strange expression. You didn’t care of anything.

The man who was looking at you started to walk towards you. You just too serious so you didn’t see him

“Excuse me, ahjumma. You have to place your hands over here…” The man holds your hands and placed them in the right place. You shocked. You looked up at him.

“Ahjumma? Do I look old? Hello, I’m 17 this year!” You said with a mean tone. He sighed.

“You’re so mean, ahjumma.”

“What the hell?! Who are you?!” you yelled. Some people were looking at you.

“My name is Choi Minho. What’s yours?”

“Mine’s __________. Look, Minho, you’re so annoying. We just met some minutes ago, and you called me “ahjumma”, and you touched my hands without my permission, and you said that I’m mean. What do you want, actually? Wanna fight?”

Minho laughed. You were speechless. What the…

“You’re so funny! Hey listen, I’m older than you so you have to respect me. And I just want to tell you how to use this machine. And I call you “ahjumma” because I don’t know your name..”

“But you can see my age from..”

“Listen to me first, ______. Don’t cut my words. And I said that you are mean because it’s obvious. You don’t respect someone older than you, little girl.”

“And you call me “little girl”, huh? Are you really wanna die now?!”

“Calm down. So I have to call you “ahjumma”?”

“Then, I should call you harabeoji since you’re older than me!” He laughed again. You sighed.

“You’re so skinny…you have to do sports. You look weak..”

“Jinja…Mr. ST, you ruining my day.”

“ST? What’s that?” He ignored your last words.

“Sharp Tongue.” And he laughed again. You annoyed with him. You looked like a little kid in front of him. You didn’t like it.

“So, ahjumma, you should try this machine.” He accompanied you to use the machine. You kept quiet because you were too serious. Minho touched your hands, you didn’t mind. Minho stood behind you and almost hug you when he wanted to check the machine, you didn’t mind. But your heart beat faster. That day you found a new friend.

Hyeji came to you with a smile. You looked at her with an evil look.

“How’s your condition now? Fresh?”

“What fresh? I’m angry, you know!”

“Uh, why? Because of…him?” Hyeji glanced at Minho who was running on the treadmill.

“You know him?”

“Yeah..no. I saw him teaching you how to use the machines. Is that right?”

“Yeah he was teaching me but in a bad way..”

“What do you mean?”

“He calls me “ahjumma”, he said that I’m mean, he touched my hands without permission, he almost hugged me, he..”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Hyeji looked at you with a smile. You frowned.

“I think he likes you..”

“W-what? You don’t know him. He is so annoying.”

“No, no, no! It’s obvious. He likes you!” Hyeji smile brightly.

“How can? We just met..”

“It’s okay. Love at first sight. So tell me, do you like him too? Be honest!”

“Ehm…I don’t know..” You think you blushed. Hyeji looked at your face and giggled.

“You like him! You’ll get a boyfriend! Congrats!”

A week later, you came to the gym alone. Now, your body is counted ideal and you didn’t look weak anymore. You worked hard in the past week just for Minho.

You opened the door and looked for Minho. There he was, standing near the bench. He was drinking a mineral water. He looked tired and his hair was wet. He closed the bottle and looked around. And his eyes met yours. He smiled. You replied his smile and approached him.

“Harabeoji! Long time no see you!”

“You’re different now, little kid.” He ruffled your hair. You blushed. He laughed.

“What’s with that blush? Ahjumma, are you falling in love?” He couldn’t resist his smile.

“MWO?!” you yelled again. Everyone was looking at you two.

“Ssh…ahjumma, don’t yell. I know your feeling cause I feel the same too.”

“What do you mean, harabeoji?”

“From now on, I’ll call you “babe”.”

“W-w-why?” Your heart thumped and your face blushed more.

“Because I love you.” He whispered that words in front of your left ear. “Do you love me too?”

“I…erh…I love you too…hara..”

“Sssh…” He covered your lips with his lips. After that, he smiled sweetly. “Don’t call me harabeoji.”

“Oh…so I have to call you “honey”. Like it?”

“Nice one, babe.”

“Sure, honey.”

“Love you.” You two said that together. And then you two chuckled. Minho ruffled your hair again which made you blushed more and more.


15 thoughts on “[FICLET] My Annoying Teacher

  1. Dhikae says:

    hahaha kocak pas dipanggil adjumma *brasa tnte2
    si minho harabeoji aja dipanggilnya/plakk
    nice sungheeee….

  2. haerin says:

    bagian suaminya sendiri aku ga komen pertama… *mianhaeyo yeobo…*
    masa minho oppa di panggil harabeoji sih?? dia kan ga setua itu…
    skarang aku mau ke gym ah…. siapa tau ntar ketemu minho di sana… *ngayal*

    bagus bagus

  3. rabbitpuding says:

    hehe, habis ini aku berenti dari tempat gym.a minho. Kata siwon. Latihannya di rumah aja ma siwon. Hehe. Ngayal

  4. Sung Minra says:

    astagaaaaaa , so sweettttt XD

    Minho seenaknya aja , baru pertama ketemu aja udah manggil ‘ahjumma’ ha~ ha~ ha~
    cast ‘YOU’ nya juga , seenaknya manggil Minho itu ‘harabeoji’ hhh~
    halah tuh si Hyeji nganggu cast YOU sama Minho ajaaaa *ngamuk* *abaikan*

    itu ceweknya sengaja ngebikin badannya biar ideal demi Minho~ >//<
    aih , pengorbanan *apa sih*

    ngebayangin kalo itu diriku dan Minho *mentang2 Minho biased* , huahaha~
    aish , cinta pada pandangan pertama emang paling sweet (?)
    apalagi kalo ditempat nge-gym , berasa gimanaaaa gitu *abaikan*

    like this unn ! love loveeee it
    berasa lagi nonton walaupun FFnya ficlet unn
    kata2nya ngena banget hehe~
    jadi pengen nyoba nulis FF pake b.ingg , tapi susah huaaaa

    oke unn cukup komenku
    turunan sering komen panjang2 di FFindo nih , mian unn klo kepanjangan
    bye unn , mau terbang ke versi lainnya *wink*

  5. angangels says:

    162 cm dan beratnya 48 masih dibilang chubby? (((mendadak aku ngerasa gemuk bgt dgn berat 51 dan tinggi 161.)))

    komen gapenting wkwk.

    Mau dong nge-gym bareng Mino :3

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