[DRABBLE] I Bought This for You

Title: I Bought This for You

Casts: Onew, You

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Length: Drabble

Disclaimer: I don’t own SHINee Onew, but I do own the plot.

Note: Fill in the blank with your name. And sorry If my English is not too good, because I’m not really good at English. I made this story cause I want to improve my skill.

= = =

You saw your crush over there. But you couldn’t approach him. Even say hello. You stood in front of the bookstore, watching him over.

He brought some books to the cashier, talking to him for a while then you walked away to find some books again. You smiled. It was your turn. You approached the cashier guy. He smiled.

“Hello, miss. Can I help you?”

“Ehm..How much are they all together?” You pointed at the books. The cashier frowned.

“I said, how much are they together?”

“Uh they cost…” He told you the price. You nodded. You pulled out your wallet and gave the money to the cashier.

“If he comes here, don’t tell him that I bought them for him. Promise me?”

“Uh..yeah..” You smiled. You glanced at Onew, your love, and you started to walk away. You waited in front of the store. You saw Onew walking to the cashier with one book in his hand. He looked confused when he knew somebody bought him the books. He frowned, he looked serious. He thought for a while and then got out. You quickly ran away, avoiding him.

Still like that for two weeks. And this afternoon, you waited him in front of the bookstore. Onew approached the cashier and talked to him. Then he went off. You approached the cashier and shocked when you know he didn’t buy anything. But you found a little box. Looked like a box of ring.

“Can you buy this for me?” A voice shocked you. You looked to the man who was talking to you. You gasped. He was Onew.


“You always buy me books, pay them for me. And now I ask you to buy me this ring. Can you do it?”

“Uhm…sorry…I can’t…I have no enough money.”

“Then I’ll give it to you.”


“Here..” He took out the ring and applied it in your finger. You gasped again.

“I love you, _________. You didn’t know? I always watching you when we were in High School. Remember?”

“Oppa, I like you since we were in High School but I didn’t know that you always watching me…”

“Now you know. So, will you accept my heart?”

“Ehm.. sure, oppa. It’s obvious.”

“Hehe…thank you, _________. From now, I’ll buy everything for you to pay my books.”

“No, you don’t have to. Just give me your love, and your debt settled.” He laughed.

“Okay, girl. I will give my love for you everytime!”

“Me too!”


Aaahh…finally the end of the drabbles and ficlets series. Which one do you like the most? For me, I like Minho’s the best! Hbu?


6 thoughts on “[DRABBLE] I Bought This for You

  1. Dhikae says:

    huwaaaaaaaa semuanya kok pada so sweet sih/plakk
    aku sih ttp kekeuh sama key’s story yg mantabs.. wkwkwkw #scara aq req.. wkwkwk
    niceeeeeeeeee sunghee ^^bb

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