[FICLET] Mr. Don’t Cuss!

Title: Mr. Don’t Cuss!

Casts: Taemin, You

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Length: Ficlet

Disclaimer: I don’t own SHINee Taemin, but I do own the plot.

Note: Fill in the blank with your name. And sorry If my English is not too good, because I’m not really good at English. I made this drabble cause I want to improve my skill. One question, who’s the next member? Vote!

And sorry, I posted Taemin’s story first, not Minho’s. That’s because the idea came for Taemin and I couldn’t help but made this story. And I couldn’t wait for so long so I publish it now. *what a bad English* Hope you understand, enjoy the story, and comment, please! ^^ I swear next is Minho!

= = =

You were in a hurry. You ran to the bus and entered it. The bus was so full. You didn’t know why. You were looking for a seat when somebody bumped to you. The man apologized and left quickly. You were cussed for a moment and then you started to walk again. Accidentally, you stepped on a man’s foot and you lost your balance. You thought that you were gonna fell down but fortunately, a man caught your body. You cussed a bit. Why did this bus filled with men?

“Stop cussing. It’s not good for a girl in your age cussing too much. Not good. You’re still in high school,” said the man who saved you from that accident. You mumbled. Who the hell is this person? Is he a teacher or what?

You looked up and eyed him. He’s tall, his hair was brown, and he was listening to the music through his earphone. You were speechless. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Plus, cool sneakers. You liked his style. He seemed to be a college student.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He stole a glance at you. You shook your head.

“Ehm..nothing. By the way, thanks.”

“Uh…it’s nothing.” He looked away. He was shy, you knew it. And that fact made you smile. He glanced at you and looked away again.

“Uhm…are you a college student?” asked you. He looked nervous.


“Well, my name is __________ nice to meet you, Sunbae! What is your name?”

“I am…eh…Lee Taemin.”

“Why are you stuttering? Did I make some mistake?” You felt worry a bit.

“It’s not your problem. Not important.”

“You’re so mean! I just want to say thank you…” You were sad. He stared at you for a while, looking at your cute face. You could see he blushed a bit. You frowned.

“What the hell? Are you blushing? W-why…?”

“I’m sorry, ________ I guess I can’t make friends…”

“Are you antisocial?”

“Uh…not that. There’s something that you’ll know. One day, I’ll tell you.” You reached the next stop, he glanced at you and quickly got off the bus. You sighed. What was that? Ridiculous.

The next day, you were so panicked. The class started 10 minutes again but you couldn’t go anywhere because of the rain. You stood up at the edge of the stop. You checked whether it still rain or not. And the answer was yes. You annoyed.

“Damn…how can this be? Brother’s prediction is a big fault. How can he say that today is sunny? Stupid.”

“I told you before, don’t cuss.” You shocked and turned back, looked who was the person behind you. And he stood there, looking at you strangely. He brought an umbrella. Still like yesterday, he was wearing a T-shirt, jacket, jeans, earphone, and cool sneakers.

“Oh, Sunbae! Mianhae…I’m annoyed. 7 minutes again my class will start. And I’m still here..”

“What is your first class?”

“Math. And I hate it.”

“You have to hurry. Come with me.” He approached you and protected your head with his umbrella.

“W-w-why did you do this to me? You have to go to your college, right?”

“Right, but not right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you arrived at your school on time. Study hard.”

“W-what…?” You looked around. He was right. In front of you, the huge school building waited for you.

“Oh…thank you so much..”

“Anytime.” He walked away. You glanced at him and started to run to your class.

The day after that, you entered the bus again. You wanted to cuss when you saw the bus was full and no place to sit. But you remembered him, don’t cuss. You looked around and you found him standing with his earphone, T-shirt, jeans, and still…the cool sneakers. You smiled and approached him.

“Annyeong, Sunbae!” He looked down at you. He smiled. You were speechless. He is really cute! You really wanted to touch his white cheek.

“Annyeong, _______! Don’t cuss, okay?”

“Sunbae…you made me embarrassed. I won’t cuss again, I swear.”

“That’s good.” He ruffled your hair with a smile on his face. You blushed. You looked away.

“Eng…Sunbae, you promised me to tell something. Tell me now.”

“Alright. I wanna tell you this…I was stuttering before because I was so nervous. I met my ideal type of girl. But I heard you cussed. I don’t like it so…I told you don’t cuss.”

“Wait! Your ideal type of girl? Who? Me?” You pointed yourself.

“Sure, who else?”


“Yeah, I love you. Ugh, not sure if it’s love or not. But, just seeing your face, my heart beat faster, you know? Just hearing your voice, my eyes will look for you. I’m in you.”

“Aw…that’s so sweet.”

“I think I love you. Uh, don’t cuss. It’s because I haven’t feel this strange feeling before.”

“I won’t cuss again, I swear! Sun-sunbae….I…”

“Sssh…Don’t call me Sunbae, call me Oppa.”

“Uh, Oppa…to be honest, I haven’t feel this strange feeling before. I think I love you too…”

“Is this love?”

“I think yes.”

“Okay then. I love you.” He smiled. You chuckled.

“I love you too, my Mr. Don’t Cuss!” He chuckled and kissed my forehead gently.



12 thoughts on “[FICLET] Mr. Don’t Cuss!

  1. haerin says:

    yang di atas kesenengan tuh…
    aku ga tau mau komen apa…
    kalo ngebayangin taem kaya gitu pasti imut banget…
    tapi kalo minho yang gayanya kaya gitu aku dah melting…

  2. Dhikae says:

    sunghee saya vote buat key/plakk #dtg2 mnta.. haha
    simple but so sweet
    oia kata2nya pke bhs inggris untungnya aku ngrti wlau dikit.. hahaha :p
    nice ^^bb

  3. haeny_elfishy says:

    bayangin taemin kyk gni keren bngt dah ! ^^
    s’andainya kmrn bisa liat mereka T.T
    Thumb up ! 🙂

  4. _sweetray says:

    Annyeong! Reader baru nih ^^
    nggak sengaja nemu nih blog XDD

    Whoaaa! Your english doesnt bad, honey! I do love this ficlet! XDD
    Taemin was cuteee!! <33
    Heem.. I heard if the next character will be appear is Minho. Can you share to me if the fict post already? I wanna read it 'cause Minho is my eternal biased <33
    Okay, thank you. Stay updates!

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