[DRABBLE] Sweeter Than Tea

Title: Sweeter Than Tea

Casts: Jonghyun, You

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Length: Drabble

Disclaimer: I don’t own SHINee Jonghyun, but I do own the plot.

Note: Fill in the blank with your name. And sorry If my English is not too good, because I’m not really good at English. I made this drabble cause I want to improve my skill. One question, who’s the next member? Vote!

= = =

You drank your peppermint tea. And then you smiled. You looked around the café. You are the owner of this big café. Many couples visited this café just to drink the peppermint tea, the delicious peppermint tea. You didn’t know what is so delicious about the peppermint tea. Maybe the taste? Or the scent? You didn’t know.

When you looked at the door, a man entering your café. You were speechless for a moment. The man looked around, searching for empty places. But he couldn’t find it. That day was weekend, so this café was full of couples. But he came alone. You stood up and approached him. You smiled at him. He replied your smile.

“Excuse me, Mister. You can take a seat over there.” You pointed at the table where you sat before.

“Oh, yeah. Thank you.” He sat and looked at the menu. He looked so serious. You waited beside him.

“Uh, sorry. You were sat here, right? Come on, sit with me.” He asked you to sit in front of him. You nodded and sat. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He’s just too handsome.

“Are you the owner of this café?” asked he. You nodded.

“Ready to order?” you asked.

“Uhm…a minute.” You waited. He was quiet for some minutes. You were impatient.

“I’m sorry, what is your name?” asked he. You frowned.

“I’m _________”answered you. “What about you?”

“I’m Kim Jonghyun. Nice to meet you, Sweet.”

“Sweet? Why Sweet?”

“Because you’re so sweet. I bet you’re sweeter than this tea.” He pointed at one picture. You bent your body, tried to see what picture is it. Your face was just 10 cm away from his face. He smiled at you and kissed your left cheek. You were shocked and quickly pulled your body. You glared at him. He just smiled sweetly.

“Actually, I came here because I want to say something to you, Sweet. I know you when we were in high school. Do you know who is the person who always send you some love letters?” He smiled again. You shook your head, but you knew who the person was.

“That’s me. So, I love you since we were in high school. What about you? Do you love me too?”

“Ehm…I don’t know, Jonghyun. It’s just too…fast, I think.”

“I know we just met some minutes ago, and I kissed your cheek, sorry. I don’t force you to answer now. It’s in your hand.”

“Em… Okay…”

“Hng?” Jonghyun looked at you which made you blushed. He chuckled. “Aigoo…kiyeopta!”

“Stop it, Jonghyun.” You said with a mean tone.

“You have to call me Jagiya, since you’re my girlfriend now.”

“Engh…whatever. Jagiya…” You smiled. Jonghyun laughed at you. He bent his body and kissed your lips. Just for a second, but it made your heart thumped.

“Saranghae, naui Sweet jagiya..” He smiled.

“Na…ddo saranghae.” You smiled to him. Surprisingly, you saw your boyfriend’s face blushed. You laughed happily.


Please correct me if I made some mistakes…really need your comment


13 thoughts on “[DRABBLE] Sweeter Than Tea

  1. haerin says:

    aku ngerti critanya!!! hahaha
    si jonghyun meni ojol-ojol gitu nyium pipi…
    bagus bagus bagus…

    berhubung aku suka minho, jadi aku milih minho untuk yang selanjutnya…

  2. haeny_elfishy says:

    ih, jjong maen nyosor aja tuh, wakakaka
    tp q bayanginnya bkan jjong tp hae, biar lbh dpt feel gtu, hahaha
    q vote member fav q ,minho !

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